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Scanning surroundings or documents is more natural than ever with the ARx app and the ARx headset. The ARx app offers most of the features you would expect from apps such as SeeingAI or EnvisionAI, hands-free. Become more independant, more efficient and make better decision thanks to the powerful app and the most simple, easy to use interface.

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Easy to use, non-intrusive interface

The ARx app is designed to facilitate every day tasks, as such, ARx features an AI assistant and a conversational interface. You can use natural language to access any feature in the app, for example, say "read this text" to automatically select the document scan mode.


For a smooth onboarding in the world of ARx, an interactive onboarding tutorial will teach you how to use ARx in no longer than 3 minutes. When you complete the onboarding, you can get back to it or play with the training mode to get better at understanding the field of view of the camera. 

In addition, the ARx app provides spatial guidance, for example when scanning a document ARx will tell you how to place it in the best way or how to adjust the lighting if the room is too dark. ARx will always try to tell you what you can't see, so that you can be aware and have a better experience.


ARx currently features 7 modes:

  • Scene detection
  • Document scan
  • Short text
  • Object Search
  • Face detection
  • QR code scan
  • Training



ARx is updated every month, sometimes more often. These are just the early days of ARx and more impressive features will keep coming.


Experiments and feedback

ARx is all about innovation, the most adventurous users can enable the experimental setting in order to access fresh prototypes from the ARxLab. Of course we welcome every feedback and new ideas. We can't wait to hear from you!


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