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Meet ARx AI, the ever evolving AI wearable talking-camera compatible with Microsoft Seeing AI.

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Capture more of the world instantly and accurately

The ARx AI is equipped with a 4K auto-focus camera so it can capture the world in detail. The USB-C cable insures reliable and easy connectivity and interactions without a lag.

Scan newspapers, bank statement, receipts or recipes, there is no text the ARx AI can’t see!

Read the meeting room without standing out

Detect who is in the room and identify colleagues, friends, and family with the Microsoft Seeing AI app and ARx AI. The information delivered through the bone-conduction speakers keep the descriptions private and are non-isolating, focus on the moment, get more from real-life interactions, with the ARx AI audio layer

Unlock the visual world

Capture paintings and sculptures and ask questions using the Q mode or the Microsoft Seeing AI app.

you can ASK: “Explain Picasso’s choice of colours in this painting”

Compatible with Navilens codes on over 1Bn+ products

The ARx AI is Compatible with Navilens rich & connected codes located in public transit facilities across the world in cities like London, New York, Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Singapore, Melbourne, and many more.Navilens codes are also present on over 1Bn+ products like Kellog’s and Coca-Cola.

Do more with the one wearable

ARx AI connects to your smartphone, becoming its primary camera. Stream live video to compatible mobile apps, all while keeping your phone safely tucked away. Now you can experience the full potential of AI and camera-powered apps, completely hands-free.

ARx AI is compatible with:

Microsoft Seeing AI
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Navilens App
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ARxVision App
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Designed for Comfort and Privacy

Shaped like an arc, ARx AI rests comfortably on your ears and the back of your head. Two bone conduction speakers deliver a subtle but crisp audio overlay directly to your ears, keeping things private, without isolating.

That Positive click

Press the distinctively shaped buttons to control the experience. Activate the microphone and just ask the AI for what you need. Giving you the real independance to choose what’s best for you.

you can ASK: “does my plate look vegetarian?”

offer only available until May 31st 2024

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This exciting hardware update brings significant improvements to the ARx AI headset. It now boasts a SONY IMX 179 8 Megapixel sensor, delivering sharper images at high-speed. The all-new auto-focus camera with a wider 76-degree field of view captures more of your surroundings, while the integrated 9-axis motion sensor enhances responsiveness.

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