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"So far my wife and I are really happy with the product.  The text accuracy has so far been excellent, and I found that it really does an excellent job in scene detection mode.  Much better than a couple of other wearable devices I’ve tried.  It is extremely comfortable to wear and I found it really easy to learn to use...the way that text, person, and object detection work together in scene detection mode is fantastic!”.

Damian McMorrow - Vision Australia

“The document reader does take a bit of getting used to, but when it works, it’s absolutely fantastic. I also really like the scene description and object location modes as well. It's definitely been worth the wait!”

Stuart Beveridge - Head of Accessible technology – Seascape

"By the way, very heartened and pleasantly surprised by the Quick Start with Braille, too many suppliers for blind/low vision and organisations seem to think it doesn’t matter, thanks for being so inclusive and respectful to your client base: this ia a rare these days and more the amazing (sadly) when it does happen."

David Woodbridge - Assistive Technology Consultant - Vision Australia


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Learn to use ARx by following our Accessible tutorial videos available on Youtube.

And there is more, when you purchase ARx, you will receive an onboarding guide and you can always get in touch with our team for guidance.


ARx is compatible with Android Smartphones with a USB-C port. Some smartphones feature a slower USB-C port which can impact the user experience. We work hard to support as many smartphone models as possible.

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