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Is ARx AI compatible with iOS?
How many apps are available?
  1. The ARx app and Navilens are currency available from the Google Play Store. Microsoft SeeingAI is available in beta - register here [LINK]
  2. More apps will be coming to the platform.
  3. If you want to see a specific app coming to the platform, contact the developers of the specific app and let them know!
  4. If you are an app developer and want to develop an app for ARx, get in touch here [LINK]
Can I wear ARx AI with glasses?
  1. Yes, ARx does not cover the face so you can wear it in combination with glasses
Can I use ARx AI with hearing aids or bluetooth earphones?
What is bone-conduction?
  1. Regular audio speakers vibrate the air, it’s called air-conduction. Bone-conduction is when speakers emit vibrations directly on cheekbones.
  2. The main advantage of Bone-conduction is that you will be able to hear surroundings simultaneously and will not be isolated like with a regular pair of earbuds or headphones.
Will there be app updates?

Yes, the ARx app gets updated over time and aims to integrate all latest AI innovations and will integrate more use cases.

Can I answer phone calls?

You can listen to music and take phone calls, however, to answer phone calls you’ll still need to accept the call using your touchscreen. This may change in the near future.

How much battery life does ARx have?
  1. The ARx AI headset does not have a battery and is powered by the smartphone’s battery.
  2. The advantage is that you never need to worry about charging the headset however, your phone’s battery will be consumed faster
  3. On average, ARx can last 4 hours on a full charge.
Does ARx AI require an internet connection?
  1. ARx Ai is designed to work offline so document and short text are available offline. However, more advanced features like Q require an internet connection.
  2. Partner apps may have different requirements.
Why does ARx has a wire?

Having a cable means a few advantages:

  1. no need to charge the device
  2. easier to integrate with other apps
  3. more power to use cutting edge AI thanks to leveraging smartphone

This means when you upgrade your phone, your ARx headset evolves with it.

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