ARx for iphone and ipad

ARx iPhone Adpater

The ARx iPhone adapter makes the ARx AI v1.5 compatible with the iPhone 15 and above, as well as iPads with a USB-C port. The adapter comes with enhanced audio and additional features that will be revealed over the coming weeks.

The ARx iPhone adapter will be available to purchase in September 2024.

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What's new

More than an adapter, an evolution of the ARx

Enhanced audio

The ARx iOS adapter fully leverages the audio output of your iPhone 15 with enhanced audio volume and quality! You can now fully benefit from Bone-conduction even in noisy areas.

More seamless

Thanks to our bespoke integration into the Apple ecosystem hardware app permissions are no longer required! Making it easier to use ARx on the go.

Battery free

ARx AI v1.5 and the ARx iOS adapter are designed to be low-energy and are able to run without external power supply for up to 6 hours.