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April 2022 newsletter

April 2022 newsletter

It’s been a while since we published an update because we have been busy diligently using user feedback to direct form and function! We are now proud to announce a number of updates:

  • We have started selling and delivering the first ARx headsets!

Team Update:

  • The team met in New York City to expand development plans and strategy
  • Steve Nutt (@talkingdroid)  has joined the ARx team as Associate Product Manager
  • We have moved our UK HQ into Makerversity’s Somerset House, in the heart of London

Somerset house building in the city of London UK   ARx packaging boxes stacked behind houseplants



Product update:

  • We have published a brand new version of our document reader, the ARx app is now able to read documents with columns, like magazines and newspapers.
  • We have started to work on some exciting innovative partnerships that will expand the possibilities of what can be done with the ARx headset.
  • We have partnered with Andre Louis (@OnjMusic) to design the audio interface in the ARx App

What happens next:

We will be releasing product videos, user videos and an official launch date, so stay tuned.

Play your part!

Share the news on Twitter, ARx is launching soon, stay tuned for our official launch date.


And one more thing here is a video of Steve testing out ARx:

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